5 Smart habits of Successful people

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Smart habits of Successful people

Usually people think that what special successful people do to make their life so happy. What are their smart habits? Steve Jobs is successful for making his first Apple macbook. Walt Disney is successful by his animatic visions.
All the successful persons are leading their life as a normal person but there are some thing which make them special and successful. Every successful people have some unique quality and passion towards their goals. At the same time they have some similar ways to achieve their goals as well. There are different forms of success. Some got success in technology, some got in food industry.
I have enjoyed and motivated much from this type of person and I have organised a list on my experience and observations. This list of habits shows you how they are similar and how they think out of the box.
If you want to achieve success in your life, you have to follow some habits. Pretty sure, everyone is having a role model in his or her life. Have you ever thought of them, how they do their work? Here is the list of smart habits of the successful person, which will motivate you to follow their lifestyle and get success.
5 smart habits of successful people

1. Always sleep around 7-8 hours

Sleep is important for the growth and function of our brain and neural system. It includes concentration, productivity and performance. A good sleep significantly improves our good exercise performance. Sleep quality is most important to stay healthy and to get rid of heart disease and diabetes. A good deep sleep stays away from depression and improves immune system. Doctor suggests us to sleep around 8-9hours per night to stay healthy and do your daily activities smoothly.
A good quality sleep is pillar of our health.

2. Prepare to do list everyday

Prepare to do list is one of the best habits that should follow everyone. Wake up early in the morning, plan your day and prepare a list of task, which needs to be performed in the whole day before going to bed. Make sure all the tasks should be complete by the day. This will help you to sleep without worry. There are list of mobile apps available for managing your day-to-day activities.
As of my experience, Evernote is best to plan your day.

3. Have constructive debate with your friends

The Debate is the art of reasonable discussion on the controversial topics, which will help you to be aware of social issues, and it will enhance your analytical abilities. The best way to start with is with your friends. Choose a highly controversial topic, maintain the beauty of the debate and present your thoughts to others. It will help you to think critically. There are several points which is required while debating-
1. Do not take it personal
2. Avoid high tone while debating, It will create negativity
3. Let both side state their case
4. Avoid arguments
These are the points we have to take care while debating.

4. Well done is better than well said

There are other ways to explain this expression, one of the ways is Stop boasting, show your work done. It means action speaks louder than words. If you want to show to someone, do it by your performance, not by words alone. These two words are related to each other. If I take a example of simple example of an employee and manager conversation about his promotion. Obviously manager will count the amount of work done by his employee. Based on his performance, manager will rate him and give promotion, not only employee’s words.

5. Give first Priority to most important tasks

Priority is important in everyone’s life. Always we have some set of tasks to be performed, but we actually do not care about the priorities. Everyone is working for time and money. Money is important for our daily life. To manage the work according to the time, it is important to prioritise them. It will create a work life balance.

These are the habits which is similar in all the successful people. The most important and awesome point is Stay Calm and Be Productive.

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  1. These are some great tips! Definitely agree its important to get a good nights sleep.

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