Essential steps to start Social Media Marketing

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In my previous post, I have explained about social media marketing basics. Do you guess why we need social media marketing? I will tell you the story behind the social media marketing and the essentials steps to crack it. First of all, I will start with the introduction to social media marketing.
It is one of the generic way to gain decent web traffic. This is very necessary to make your website popular. One of the best benefit of social media is it will reduce your marketing cost to 30%. Think about the days, when people will access your content directly from the google search, because your brand is recognisable to social media perfectly. That means social media will increase your organic results as well.
When I was started with the blog writing, I was bit known to social media marketing, I used to brainstorm on different ways to get good web traffic, after doing many researches, I found the best way to start with. That is social media marketing. Everything needs to start with some basic steps. Here I am gonna tell you the essential steps to start social media marketing.

Data is essential

To start any business, the most important part is Data. Data process and analytics is essential. Get the real time users detail along with the overall audience over the time, analysis is required to grow the business. The best tool for data analytics is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will provide you following details:-

1. Real time logged in users

2. Users over time

3. Users by device category

4. Users by channel grouping

5. Users by country

6. Users behaviour

Use to create your custom links. According to

We optimize the link so marketers can own their customer experience.

Time is Important

Another important step is time. Time matters, time is money. The more you spend time in social media marketing, more you get strong customer base. Sharing time and spending time on content writing and creative images impact your business more.

Plan an hour to share your content : An hour of time in a day is enough to share your content on social media. Keep your target audience in mind and share on appropriate groups and pages, for sure you will get more web traffic.

Spend time on content writing and image optimisation : Content writing is the important because content is the thing where you will describe your product details. Along with the content, image is very crucial part of the marketing. Appropriate image with content beautifies your product.


Resources management is very essential step in social marketing. Resource can be anyone. Whether It is you or you hire anyone to write your content and do marketing. Here I will explain the various marketers.

Are you doing by yourself : It is the cost-effective approach. If you are the business owner and you are writing for your business and doing marketing, this approach will do huge saving.
Do you have a team: If you have a marketing team in your business. That will be time consuming process. Each member know their responsibility and work according to that. This we be good approach to grow your business.

Will you hire someone : Another marketing approach is to hire freelance marketing expert. This cost you more but help you to promote your business on social media.

Plan out your budget:

Always work according to your budget. While starting a online business, owner plan its budget and strategy to work under it. At the same way, marketing also require budget. To hire professional marketing team or to Ad campaigns, all comes under budget.

These are the essential steps to start social media marketing. Have you followed these steps? If not, please start now.

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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