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Whenever you search on google or any other search engine, you find some results. this results are known as Search Engine Results Page. In various research, it is cleared that higher on SERPS, the more you will gain traffic to your website. But the problem is how google knows who is the best page to rank? Thats why search marketing uses.

Why Search Marketing required?

Each and every day, billions of people are searching for the solutions of their problems. Whether they want good movie reviews or best restaurant to have good meal. Do you not like to be a part of billions of people’s problem solver and your business to be on the top of search engine results. This is the reason search marketing matters for all the business to grow, reach out to target audience and gain profits.

Search Marketing is categorized into two parts –
1. Search engine Optimization(SEO)
2. Paid Search Marketing

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Search Engine Optimizations:

SEO is the standards which every content writer have to follow to rank on the top of the search engine results. This is the free efforts used by the content writer to rank the website. There are few points to take care at the time of posting any content to the web-
1. Content rewriting
2. Keyword research
3. Meta tags
4. External links
5. Back links
6. Image alt text
7. Image description

These are some major points need to update properly. It is a time consuming process to search for keyword, get back links, but it is fruitful when you are doing it on right way. It is an continuous process because there are millions of contents updating regularly, so competition is more. To stay on the top, need to rewrite the content and think about the various ways to rank on the top.

Search Marketing infographics
Search Marketing infographics

Paid Search Marketing:

If you have too many competitors and SEO is not working instantly to rank your website on the top of organic search result, you have to go for pay per click. PPC advertising will instantly position your business to search engine’s top page.
PPC advertising will be shown to the top or sidebar on google page .
There are few things need to keep in mind while start PPC Advertising.
1. Understand how ppc works
2. Best bid to stay on the top
3. Well defined conversion goals
4. Choose right PPC platform
5. PPC Budget
6. Good keyword research

For the good performance of the search result, you need to test and optimize the keyword. You need to test different keywords constantly.


This is the basics of Search Marketing. It is up to you to choose your search marketing style, it may be either SEO or paid search marketing. SEO is unpaid marketing strategy while PPC is paid and instant result marketing strategy.
Have you started your search marketing campaign? Share your valuable feedback.

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