5 Major Components of Digital Marketing

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Emerging face of Digital Marketing creates the big competition among business. Many companies are entering into the market, but not every company creating the good impact in market. Due to big competition in market, Business needs to come up with either new marketing ideas or make their base components strong to survive in the market. In my previous post, I have discussed about the benefits of Digital Marketing. To get benefited from the Digital Marketing, there are some core Components of Digital Marketing which we need to work on –

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Website Designing
Website Designing

Website Design

Look and feel of the website makes good impact on customers to visit again and again. To convert visitor to customers, Few points you need to keep in mind –
1. Color combination of the website should be perfect. Avoid to use too bright colors, which will irritate your eyes.
2. Use high definition images
3. Links should be properly defined, do not use broken links.
4. Use SEO enabled Template
5. Responsive and mobile friendly website
6. Content should be up to date
7. Create eye catchy logo
8. Website should support all the browsers

Email Marketing
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Email is most effective way to educate your audience. A perfect Digital marketing requires solid Email communication with your clients.
Here are major benefits of Strong Email Marketing:

1. Educate your target audience with latest product and services
2. Drive massive web traffic
3. Establish strong customer base
4. Build Reliability
5. Thought leadership

Online Marketing
Online Marketing


Customers visit on site because of getting good content and resources available for them. Without good content, there is no reason to visit. To interact with the customers, It is important to write good quality and descriptive contents.
A good quality content involves the following:

1. Title should be eye catchy
2. Content should present Brand Value
3. Original and Variety of content types
4. Right content for your right audience

Social media presence
Social media promotion

Social Media Presence

The most effective form to promote your Business is Social Media. Use various social media platform and share your contents. In my previous post I have shared techniques to Promote your product on Facebook and get maximum traffic. There are list of social media platforms which are very popular to promote your products-
1. Snapchat
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. Instagram
5. Quora

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Analytics is required to track your visitors on the site. Google Analytics is the best platform to start with. It will help to you to track Audience behaviour to the products. There are list of benefits of Google Analytics:
1. Real-Time Online customers
2. Number of sessions logged in
3. Avg. Session Duration
4. Total Revenue
5. User’s Demographics
6. Bounce Rate

Did you work on the Digital Marketing components?? If not, Start your campaign and start working on the components and increase your sales.

Looking forward to hear a response from your side.

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    Very Helpful. Nice explanation!!

  3. I agree with Bibi! Thank you for the section on Google Analytics. The tools we use are only helpful if we know how to use them and are familiar with what value they bring!

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