DIY: Change your Default OS on Boot in Raspberry PI

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Are you working on multiple OS on Raspberry PI? Are you able to manage it properly??
This tutorial is about to manage your OS on boot. It will help you to change your default OS to run with your favourite project and be more productive. Multiple OS requires more memory space to boot.

These are simple steps to follow –

Connect your Raspberry with ssh terminal

ssh [email protected]
& your raspberry password

Make Directory to mount

sudo /tmp/noobs

Mount noobs partition

sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p3 tmp/noobs

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Look which os is on which partition

cat /tmp/noobs/installed_os.json

"name": "RISC OS"
"partitions": [

The mmcblk0p5 is important.

Edit the noobs.conf with e.g. nano or your favourite editor and the change the value default_partition_to_boot to the partition number

sudo nano noobs.conf

Now finally perform reboot to reflect changes and boot with other os

sudo reboot

P.S you can write a shell script to edit the noobs.conf and change the OS according to your need.

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  1. Can we use raspbian and ubuntu mate on dual boot ?

  2. yes Shashank, you can use both the OS on dual boot.. You have to give a preference which should boot first. 🙂

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