4 Major Roadblocks of Successful Blog

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Top bloggers have tons of fan, multi million business with their blogs. People trust them, follow their instruction. Why not yours? This question comes to your mind often? How they achieved this?
In this research you will find the roadblocks which are stopping you to make your blog successful. This research had lot of brainstorming and efforts to get the root cause of the unsuccessful blogs vs. successful blogs on the same niche.
There are some certain criteria that shows your blog is successful-

  • Up to date and trendy on their niche
  • Start from scratch and did not buy any traffic to become popular
  • 10K+ mailing list and 10K+ social media followers
  • Inspiring blog posts and focused on their topic
  • Excellent Monetization techniques

In this blog post, I will explain you the value of these criterion and help you to achieve.

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Up to date and trendy on their niche
If you are a beginner to the blog and you do not have enough topics to write about. Just follow the simple rule. Do some research on your niche. Find out the latest trends and write about them.

Neil Patel: This guy has written great articles on Digital Marketing

Neil covers all the aspects of the marketing and up to date on their niche. Digital marketing is very vast matter of study but he explains even granular part of it. How traditional marketing changes its face to digital Marketing. Trends matters alot. You have to change according to marketing trend and come up with the new innovative ideas to attract visitors.

Start from scratch and did not buy any traffic to become popular
Top bloggers starts their blog post from scratch. They did not even think to get false traffic to their posts. Success mantra is let people make trust on you. Give power to your contents and attract visitors. People will surly share your post if they like. Proper planning is required to attract users and convert them into customers.

10K+ mailing list and 10K+ social media followers
Mailing list is one of the powerful tool to reach out to your audience and the visitors who follow you. Whenever you launch a new blog post, drop a amazing mail by greet and address them why it is helpful for them. 10K+ followers always build by the trust only. Trust can be build by a proper semi formal mail that show the significance of the topic.

Inspiring blog posts and focused on their topic
Top bloggers write blogs in story telling style. They write articles that educates. A success stories is written behind a successful blog. They write blog review it many times before posting. Bloggers have social media connect about their blog post and get the user reviews to improve the next posts. Bloggers research on their topic and collect enough material to share with their audience at one place.

Excellent Monetization techniques
There are lot of monetization techniques available but its use is very tricky. Top bloggers use most of the monetization techniques to keep users in mind. They do not advertise useless things in its blog. They advertise that product only which is helpful for the audience.
Affiliate marketing is one of the best monetization technique to earn money in the form of commission by selling other’s product. These products are related to the blog niche and helpful for the audience. Others monetization techniques like Adsense, Selling ebooks or magazines are also the good source of monetization.

These are the best qualities of the top bloggers who have very successful blog business. They focus on content that educates.
So far I discussed the qualities of top bloggers how they become successful. Now I will explain the problems with new bloggers, what are the roadblocks they have that will stop them to become successful and what are the possible ways to overcome this.

Lack of imagination

Imagination is the key point of the blog. If you do not have clear vision on what you are writing or what you are going to write, it will stop you to write successful post. To avoid this situation you have to be clear on your blog niche. There are various ways that you can implement to avoid this problem :

  • Make a note of what you are going to write.
  • Use tools like Evernote to make to-do list and reminder.

Imagination is like you have to do research on how your blog can be the top among others. How you can manage your blog post frequency.

Lack of Goal and Motivation

A perfect blog plan is required for the success. Bloggers write blogs posts but they do not have long term goal to manage it. They start their blog with full of confidence but if they fails to promote them or unable to reach out to the target audience, they demotivated and leave as such. This is the root cause of the failure of blogs. Goals need to set to be successful blogger. A perfect goal and work according to the goal leads you to the maximum visitors and later customers.
There are few things that you should keep in mind while setting up the goals –
1. What you are going to write?
2. Who will be your target audience?
3. What is the frequency of your blog post?
4. How it is different from other competitors?
5. How you can earn money from your blog?

Keeping these questions in mind prepare a sheet and stick to the goal and keep you motivated.


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Inadequate use of Social media

Social media is the powerful tool to target your audience. Facebook, Twitter etc. are the best among many other social media platforms. Bloggers talk about perfect time to post, the perfect length of the post, the perfect way to post a link, these are the tricks to increase the visibility of your blog posts. There are the some tactics you need to take care of –
1. Optimize your social media page
2. Have a content strategy
3. Interact with others
4. Use your personal profile
Try to get in touch with same taste people and focus on transferring your social network community to your email list. Social media will change but email is yours.

Read more : 5 Rules I follow to generate tons of traffic from Facebook (for FREE)


No proper use of Resources

There are lot of tools available in market to automate your manual work like Social media post planner, Facebook Scheduler, Facebook Interest list, SEO optimization tools and many others. Use of these tool will reduce your work by 70%. The only thing you need to focus on your contents. Other things these tools will take care. You have to learn how these tool works. Choose a tool that works for your purpose. Do not spent money on other tools. Free trial plans are available to test and find profitable tool. Watch tutorials of each tool with you are using and keep complete understanding of the tool. Purchase ebooks that will help your to increase your productivity. Proper use of resource reduce your problem by 70%.

These are the major roadblocks of successful blog content.

Have you overcome with these roadblocks? If you are facing any roadblock please feel free to share with us in comment box.

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