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Raspberry Pi
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I hope that you are aware of Raspberry Pi and now you are ready for the installation and booting  your newly purchased Raspberry Pi. If not please check the blog “What is Raspberry Pi ?“. You may also purchase a new Raspberry Pi(Purchase single unit or full package[recommended]) from amazon.


Installing Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi

Please follow the steps below to run the Raspberry Pi with its official Raspbian OS.

  1. Download the original Raspbian image from the official Raspberry website [We may download using the HTTP link or using a torrent engine such as Deluge, Bittorrent, utorrent, etc]. We will download the full version to avoid any network/backup related issues afterwards.
  2. Now you may download open sourced Etcher application for Mac or Linux and Win32 Disk Imager for Windows [Etcher is also available for Windows but Win32 disk imager is recommended while working with windows].
  3. Now we have downloaded the Raspbian OS image and the burning software such as Etcher. Next insert your micro SD card using Micro SD to SD adapter or using a USB card reader into your Mac/PC and launch the Etcher/Win32 application.
  4. Next locate your Raspbian Image file and the Micro SD drive, start the burning process.
  5. Now go to the boot partition and create an empty file named “ssh” to allow ssh on boot for a headless server access. On Mac or Linux You may do this by giving “touch ssh” command on terminal after reaching into the boot drive. In windows simply right click and create a file named ssh (without any file name extension) into the boot drive.
  6. Once the burning has finished, remove your SD card and insert it into your Raspberry Pi. Your Raspberry is ready for first boot.
  7. Download and Open Fing application on your mobile phone and get the IP address of your Raspberry Pi.
  8. Now login into you Raspberry Pi using ssh. Please refer the below syntax, let us consider our user as pi and IP address of Raspberry Pi is
ssh [email protected]

Note :- The default password for pi user will be “raspberry”. To change this default password please refer the blog “Raspberry Pi password management : How to reset passwords on linux“.


Congratulations you have started your journey with Raspberry Pi. Now you may explore the enormous application which you can implement with this tiny computer at your home.

I will make this even simpler for you. Instead of following the above steps and doing this by your own, you can order your card with pre-installed Raspbian OS and all the softwares by clicking the link below. Just insert the card and start your Raspberry Pi 🙂 .



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