About us

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Technology to Home

We are a  engineers working on some awesome things which would simplify you lifes and can make a better and smarter living. We are currently working on home automation and focusing on everything which can be done from a smart development boards (eg-: Raspberry pi, Orange Pi, Nano Pi, etc).


Meet Guneet

Hello, and welcome to Tec2home blog! My name is Guneet, and I’ m an Engineer by day, blogger by night. Blogging is my passion and love to travel for exploring creativity, share my experience with others.

While starting Think Innovative, I was 24, living in India, working for multinational IT company. I have traveled different places and tried exotic cuisines and explored new places. My love for technology and earning money online encouraged me to start this blog. This blog is my creative space to share anything and everything travel related, product review, technical stuff, earning money online tips and share my visitors experiences.

This blog can be a motivation for all the like minded buddies who love to hangout with friends and are always on the lookout for adding an extra flavour to their vibrant lives.

Meet Shashank


You may call me a multi-talented, goal oriented person . By profession i am a Computer Engineer (C++ developer), but that is not enough, where sky is not a limit some of my hobbies and passion are as follows.

  • Expert in Computer Hardware. Have already built Hackintoshes and Mining Computers for crypto-currency Mining.
  • Expert in assembling home Linux server using wide variety of hardwares such as using Normal PC, customized network Pc, small development boards like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, etc.
  • Setting up Home Network through load balances and multiple Routers is indeed a vital part to setup your home network with multiple ISP connections. Have command on the home networking as well.
  • Love singing, playing guitar and photography.
  • Last but not the least, want to share my knowledge through this blog.

So guys bear with us and keep reading this blog for plethora of knowledge shared by this platform.